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Bryan Michael Conforme

As a Logistics Analyst at Baldor Specialty Foods, I analyze and optimize outbound operations, servicing numerous restaurants and consumers with a large fleet. This role demands strategic planning and a detailed approach, leveraging skills I honed at HarlemLIVE. My experience there, especially handling significant responsibilities early on, has been crucial in managing the complexities of logistics and supply chain management. This journey reflects the lasting impact of early career experiences and the importance of embracing challenges.


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New York City

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Business / Real Estate

Logistics Analyst

Baldor's Specialty Foods

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HarlemLIVE Journey

The Year Started @ HL: 2004

As a teenager, I joined HarlemLIVE, taking on the challenge of managing the website's coding. This daunting task, along with editing reports and working on "Parle Magazine," was a significant part of my NYC teen life. Being trusted with such responsibilities, including holding the office keys, taught me to embrace challenges and work well under pressure. A memorable experience was being a Tech Ambassador in Vermont, where I shared an inspirational story about my mother, leaving a lasting impact. HarlemLIVE, though a brief part of my life, profoundly prepared me for future challenges. Inspiring the next generation, especially my talented nieces and nephews, I strive to provide them with all necessary resources for success, much like HarlemLIVE did for us, giving minority teenagers the tools and belief to succeed in the world."

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