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Jonny Alarcon

Jonny brings passion, intensity and humor to everything he does. He honed his leadership, public speaking, web and technology skills at HL. He thanks alumnus Brad Harbans as one of his many mentors at HL that helped him grow. Alarcon is a leader of tech at Baruch College. One of his colleagues said Jon is “… what is best about people and what they can and should do for each other.” Jonny is also partner in his own real estate company. He loves to travel and is a lot of fun to be around. His zest for life is infectious.


Location / Birthdate
New York City
Jan 21

Pursuits and Passions

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Tech Administration

Baruch College

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Business / Real Estate

Owner of JC Group

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HarlemLIVE Journey

Year Started @ HL: 2004

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