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These pages provide multimedia content that correspond with the HarlemLIVE Book.

The book serves as a testament to community power, experiential learning’s importance, and the profound influence one can have on others’ lives. It’s a guide for those aspiring to make a difference in the world.


       Ch. 1: Unconventional Paths: From California to NYC
Ch. 2: In the Trenches: A Fight for Education
Ch. 3: Teaching Beyond the Walls
Ch. 4: Unexpected Detour: A Fateful Trip / The Dots Connect


 This is the main part of the book, about HarlemLIVE. The book provides a blueprint for those seeking to enrich their communities or start their nonprofits. It underscores the importance of fostering leadership in youth and building strong communities, regardless of scale and the struggles with maintaining a non-profit.

       Ch. 5: Fired Up: Igniting A Legacy
Ch 6: HarlemLIVE Takes Flight
Ch 7: The Angels of HarlemLIVE
Ch 8: Building Blocks and Empowerment: How-To for HL
Ch 9: Crowning Achievements
Ch 10: Rising to the Challenge: A Summer of Youth Media
Ch 11: Evolution
Ch 12: A Creative Sanctuary
Ch 13: The Struggle
Ch 14: Reboot
Ch 15: Fighting City Hall
Ch 16: There’ll Be Others

Section C: This part presents universal principles crucial for any successful youth organization and a basic guide for transforming a teen into a journalist, equipping them for success on any chosen path.
Part 4: This section highlights the impact of HarlemLIVE on its alumni, showcasing how they evolved into leaders and change-makers. It includes insights from over two dozen interviews with HarlemLIVE alumni, demonstrating the transformative power of youth programs.
Part 5: The Resources section offers a collection of links to organizations and articles aligned with the principles and concerns outlined in this book. This can be instrumental in planning and developing your own enrichment class or after-school youth program.

Part 1: The Accidental Educator